Our Team

Catherine Street

Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach:

Catherine Street is a  registered nurse with experience working with clients with diabetes, heart disease, eating disorders, in physical rehab, and other health issues.  She has been in the world of sports and fitness her whole life.  She has 8 years experience in gymnastics, 4 in swimming, 9 in track and field and pole vault.  Catherine is a 7 time All-American, 2 time National Champion, and has the All-time DIII National record in the pole vault.  

Phone: 503-621-7145

Email: catherinestreet17@gmail.com

Misty Corwin

Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach:

Misty Corwin is a licensed teacher committed to teaching children and young adults how to lead a healthy lifestyle.  She has 16 years experience in wrestling and 12 years in track and field, as well as years of experience in basketball, softball, soccer, football, and cross country.  She is a 2-time All American in the pole vault and a 5-time national champion wrestler.  As a wrestler, she was against the unhealthy weight loss techniques often used by other wrestlers and committed herself to practicing safe, sustainable, and healthy weight management.

Phone: 541-961-7436

Email: mcorwin24@gmail.com